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New VIP System

on Sun Feb 25, 2018 5:10 pm

25 Commands:
/vheal - heals yourself
/varmour - gives armour to yourself
/vcar - Spawns a VIP car
/vboat - Spawns a VIP boat
/vsay - Show messages to all players
/vbike - Spawns a VIP bike
/vpm - PMs a player
/vgoto - Teleports to someone's position
/vweapons - Gives some VIP weapons
/vskin - Sets skin ID to players
/vweather - Sets yourself weather ID 0
/vspawn - Spawns yourself
/vcarcolor - Changes your carcolor
/vgod - Enables and disables GodMode
/vmotorbike - Spawns a VIP motorbike
/vann - Announce a message to all players with different style
/vfix - Fixes your car
/vjetpack - Gives a jetpack
/vgodcar - Enables and disables GodCar Mode
/vnos - Adds nitro to your car
/vhouse - Teleports to VIP house (Madd Dog's Mansion)
/vheli - Spawns a VIP heli
/vplane - Spawns a VIP plane
/eventhelp - Shows some event commands
/vafk - Enables AFK Mode
/back - Disables AFK Mode
/vcc - Clears the chat

Player Commands:
/vhelp - With this command you ask for help from VIPs

VIP House Added

Thanks Denzel
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